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Coaching means sustainable change. What many people forget is that it takes strength and perseverance - while everyday life goes on. As a result, valuable tips and suggestions often fizzle out. This is why more and more coaches are turning to exogenous ketones - healthy energy that gives clients additional mental clarity and focus to successfully implement the outcome of the coaching sessions - even in the long term.

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When you include exogenous ketones in your portfolio, you are not only keeping up with science, but also giving your customers a valuable tool in the form of therapeutic ketones to help them implement the desired changes more successfully and sustainably.

Mental strength for change.

Easy to integrate into everyday life.

You give advice, the order is placed online.

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As an empine partner, you get access to innovative, science-based exogenous ketones. We not only offer first-class products, but also comprehensive support and training to help your customers lead a fitter and healthier life that is once again entirely in their own hands.

Mental strength for change

Exogenous ketones are a powerful tool to give your clients the mental strength they need for change processes. They support cognitive function and improve concentration, making it easier for your clients to focus on their goals and make clear decisions.

By reducing mental fatigue and increasing mental stamina, they can cope better with stressful situations and stay motivated even when the challenges increase. Help your clients maximize their mental strength and develop the power they need to make lasting changes - with the support of exogenous ketones.

Easy to integrate into everyday life.

The exogenous ketones from empine are ideal for your daily routine. Their use is uncomplicated, making them an excellent tool for promoting health. The ease of use encourages very important regular use without significantly altering the daily routine. This seamless integration into everyday life is a key element for long-term and sustainable success towards a healthier lifestyle.

You give advice, the order is placed online

As a coach, you offer your customers expert, personalized advice. Products are conveniently ordered and processed via our online platform. This allows you to use your time and resources efficiently, as we take care of the logistics and order processing. This allows you to focus on the essentials: your customers' goals.

Refer colleagues in your sector yourself

Durch die Empfehlung unserer Produkte an Kollegen in deinem Netzwerk, eröffnest du dir neue geschäftliche Möglichkeiten. Mit unserem Vertriebsmodell kannst du zusätzliche Einnahmequellen erschließen und gleichzeitig dein berufliches Netzwerk erweitern. Dies fördert nicht nur dein eigenes Geschäft, sondern hilft auch deinen Kollegen, deren Kunden mit qualitativ hochwertigen Produkten zu unterstützen.

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The empine team would like to answer all your questions

Ketogenic nutrition, ketosis and exogenous ketones are a complex and extensive subject area. We at empine would like to support you in ensuring that all your questions are answered comprehensibly and comprehensively. Therefore, in this section, in addition to the previous content, you will find frequently asked questions specifically on the topic of this page. If you do not find the answers here or do not find them detailed enough, you are welcome to send your question directly to us or contact us directly.

What are exogenous ketones and how do they promote health?

Exogenous ketones are dietary supplements that increase the body's natural ketone levels. They can therefore contribute to weight loss, improved cognitive functions and increased energy. Due to their metabolism-regulating and inflammation-reducing effect, Prüvit's exogenous ketones are used as an adjuvant therapy for various diseases.
How quickly do exogenous ketones work?
In general, the effect varies from patient to patient. However, some effects often appear very early on, such as more energy and greater mental clarity. Sustainable weight loss, metabolic changes and the reduction of silent inflammation, on the other hand, take considerably longer. Initial successes can be seen after around 3 months. Comprehensive therapy usually takes 6-12 months.
How should exogenous ketones be taken?

The ketones are supplied in the form of a powder. This is then dissolved in half a liter to a liter of water and drunk. It is important to take one or two rations a day at regular intervals.

Do exogenous ketones have side effects?
As it is not a drug, there are no side effects in the true sense of the word. Especially at the beginning of the intake, fatigue, acne or softer stools may occur due to the detoxification process.
For which diseases are exogenous ketones already being used today?
Science has now shown that ketone bodies trigger many positive processes in the body. This is why they can and are used in many different ways - usually as an adjunct. These include sleep disorders in particular,
obesity, type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, silent inflammation, depression, Alzheimer's disease and certain types of cancer.

How do doctors and alternative practitioners integrate exogenous ketones into treatment?

Healthcare professionals can use exogenous ketones as part of a holistic treatment plan. In many cases, the patient's already weakened body is strengthened in a healthy way. Often, lasting changes in the patient's behavior are also necessary, such as more exercise or a change in diet. Exogenous ketones can provide very good support here.

Do exogenous ketones require a prescription?
No. Exogenous ketones are freely available for sale, as they are not classified as a drug but as a dietary supplement.
As a doctor, pharmacist or alternative practitioner, do I have to have the ketones in stock?
No. Every patient can order the exogenous ketones themselves. You just send the patients a corresponding link.
Not all topics have been answered yet? Do not hesitate to ask!

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