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  • Heat pump with heat and cold buffer storage
  • Surface heating and cooling in floors and/or ceilings
  • Central aeration and ventilation
  • Energy management cockpit and automatic service charge recording
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  • Optimal indoor environment all year round
  • Fresh and clean air - always 
  • Noise reduction and mold prevention
  • Energy cost reduction and independence from energy suppliers

empineclimate supports your individual needs

Embrace the comfort of our complete room air conditioning system with empineclimate. From helping you stay cool in summer heat or warm during winter cold spells, empineclimate will provide all your needs for a comfortable living space, and is hence included in all 6 packages.

Here's what it offers:


In every building, you need to have a heating/cooling system, in addition to a basic power supply. For this reason empineclimate is part of the starter package in the Starter configuration.


empineclimate offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating systems. With our innovative, passive solar design for homes with heat pumps and central ventilation, you can produce up to 100% of your own energy needs—even in bad weather.


Embrace the fresh, clean air with empineclimate. With our innovative technology that ensures a revitalizing environment during the day and peaceful sleep at night, you'll be on your way to feeling better than ever before!


With underfloor heating, ceiling cooling, and continuously fresh air at a pleasant humidity level, empineclimate ensures maximum comfort - silently and invisibly.


With the new climate control system, you no longer need to worry about opening windows. In addition, the air is constantly checked for pollutants with empineclimate. This way, you can enjoy your home without worrying about heat-related issues or other dangers that come with an open window on hot summer nights.


The Premium package offers a carefree experience. All the benefits, without any hassles! empinewater is here for you with all-around assistance with the entire range of functions.

Your benefits with empineclimate

empineclimate is the perfect integrated heating and air conditioning solution for your building. Create healthy living spaces with maximum comfort while helping the environment and reducing energy costs.

Optimum indoor climate all year round

You never have to worry about the temperature inside your home again. No more scrambling to find the right blanket or adjusting the thermostat. With empineclimate, you can enjoy optimum indoor climate all year round.

This innovative system uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring that your home is always comfortable. 

Fresh and Clean Air Always

empineclimate uses powerful filters to remove contaminants from the air. It automatically monitors and adjusts the temperature, humidity, and air quality in your home which helps to create a healthy and comfortable environment indoors. As a result, you can enjoy fresh, clean air - always.

Noise reduction through closed windows

empineclimate helps block out external noise by letting you close your doors and windows and keep the cool air inside during the summer season. In addition, it can also help to insulate your home from the outside heat and cold, making it more energy-efficient.

Now, you can enjoy a quieter home without sacrificing comfort.

Mold Prevention Through Controlled Ventilation

Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in damp, dark environments. If left unchecked, mold can cause structural damage to your home and pose a serious health hazard to you and your family. empineclimate can help you prevent mold growth by ensuring that your home is properly ventilated and filtered.

Our system monitors the indoor temperature and humidity levels and ensures that they stay within a safe range. This helps to prevent condensation, which is one of the main triggers for mold growth.

In addition, our system circulates fresh air throughout your home, which helps to keep mold spores from taking hold. With empineclimate's smart climate control, you can breathe easy knowing that your home is mold-free.

Additional Security Due to Closed Windows

Unexpected weather changes can damage the assets inside your home if the windows and doors are left open. 

With empineclimate, you do not have to worry about your windows being open and your precious furniture and flooring getting damaged by drizzling raindrops or dust storms creeping in through cracks and crevices.  

Windows and doors do not have to be opened for fresh air or cold air since there is already a ventilation system in place, hence peace of mind knowing that your property is safe from direct damage.

Reduction of Energy Costs

An energy-efficient air conditioning system is often more sustainable, which means saving on utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. A smart air conditioner controller can help your AC unit perform better, provide comfort and simplify control.

Reduce Dependence On Your Energy Supplier

The environment should be a priority for all of us. The geothermally heating and cooling solutions that empineclimate provides are not only sustainable, but they also help reduce your dependence on energy suppliers by generating their own hot water and heating needs with renewable sources such as geothermal energy.

The empineclimate product features

Sustainable building ensures the optimum well-being of its residents. With empineclimate, you can always have fresh air and a pleasant temperature for everyone living or working there.

Geothermal Heat and Cold Pump

The earth is a huge, unlimited source of heat. At a certain depth, the ground has a basic temperature of around ten degrees Celsius. Compared to the ambient air, that temperature is very constant. This means that even if the top layer of the earth is frozen, geothermal heat pumps can continue to work efficiently.

empineclimate therefore basically focuses on geothermal heat pumps with geothermal probes (i.e. with deep drilling). In contrast to other variants of heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps with geothermal probes are extremely durable, significantly more energy-efficient, completely independent of groundwater changes, require very little space on the property, have no influence on your vegetation in the garden, and do not require space-consuming radiators.

You can also use geothermal heat pumps to cool your property in a healthy and energy-efficient way.

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District heating connection

If you have district heating available in your area, a connection is recommended and is sometimes mandatory anyway. The energy for district heating is now being increasingly generated from renewable energy sources, in particular geothermal power plants.

A combination of district heating and a geothermal heat pump for your building is also possible with empineclimate. In this way, you can reduce your dependence on your district heating supplier and can also save even more energy costs.

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Heat and Cold Buffer Storage

Buffer storage gives you maximum comfort and efficiency for your heating and cooling system. The buffer storage ensures that heating and cooling can be produced independently of daily consumption.

This allows you to generate heat and cold with optimized electricity costs. In particular, when using a solar system, you are able to use the excess electricity generated optimally and free of charge. If additional power from the grid is required for heating or cooling, this can then be done automatically at cheaper off-peak times.

In addition, consumption peaks can be served conveniently and, with sufficient dimensioning, entirely.

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Floor Heating and Cooling

Underfloor heating was already used in ancient Rome. Underfloor heating uses the effect that warm air rises. The heat is radiated from the walls and ceiling, distributing it evenly throughout the room. The floor heating is therefore an important component for your optimal room climate.

At the same time, it ensures pleasantly warm feet and avoids visible radiators that disturb your sense of comfort, take up space and have to be dusted regularly.

Due to the even distribution of the heat, less dust is stirred up than with conventional radiators. This is a great advantage, especially for asthmatics and people with house dust allergies.

The underfloor heating can also be used in summer for full cooling. For that, however, you need ceiling cooling, which you can also configure with empineclimate.

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Ceiling Heating and Cooling

You can not only heat your property via the ceiling but also optimally cool it.

In contrast to air conditioning systems, ceiling cooling works without drafts. Instead, they work silently by means of radiation exchange. This means that the cooling ceiling can also be operated at night without any problems.

The ceiling heating irradiates the room and warms it comfortably. It is laid over a large area and can therefore work with low flow temperatures. This saves energy costs and leaves a lot of space for interior design.

For even greater comfort, ceiling heating can be supplemented with underfloor heating and cooling. This also ensures that your floor is at optimal temperature.

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Central Aeration and Ventilation

With a central ventilation system, you avoid drafts and energy wastage through window ventilation, where more than 50 percent of the heat is lost. It also ensures that your building is always adequately ventilated.

The ventilation systems used are extremely energy-efficient: the powerful heat exchanger extracts up to 98 percent of the heat contained in the exhaust air and uses it to heat the incoming fresh air. This noticeably reduces the energy requirement and reduces CO₂ emissions, which means that the use of central room ventilation also protects the environment.

In addition, the fresh air is not only actively pre-tempered but also cleaned by filtering dust and pollen, which is invaluable, especially for people suffering from allergies.

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Energy Management Cockpit Climate

Keep an eye on all information about heating and cooling generation and consumption. Using the energy management cockpit, you can visualize and evaluate all figures/data/facts over time - also together with your electricity requirements.

The energy management shows the energy flows in the house in real-time on the smartphone or tablet. This includes, for example, the values of self-generated heat and cold, stored in your buffer storage, as well as the operating current required for the heat pump.

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Room and Floor Temperature Monitoring

The regulation of your room-specific interior temperatures is automatically regulated via the built-in sensors according to your specifications.

Dedicated temperature sensors are also used for the floors to ensure a (usually deviating) pleasant and healthy floor temperature for you.

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Automated service charge reporting (heating and cooling)

With the simple remote meter reading, you can archive the consumption data of your property. By recording your measurement data digitally every day, you can access them at any time. The electricity bill is an essential part of the utility bill, which also includes the ancillary costs of your property.

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Take additional advantage by combining multiple empine products

Through the overall solution of empine you can expect a fully integrated building system technology, where all components work together to the highest degree. The result is more than the sum of the individual systems.


With empineOS you make your buildings future-proof. All necessary infrastructure measures are implemented at minimal cost. Thus you can install all empine products at any time without larger rebuilding measures subsequently.


For cost efficiency, energy should be generated where you need it. Harness the ever-reliable solar energy to power up your home and electric vehicles in a sustainable way. Reduce your dependence on energy suppliers and become CO₂-neutral with empine.


Start the day with fresh and well-tempered air in the morning - no matter if in summer or winter. Enjoy the advantages of intelligent heating and air conditioning technology all around the clock with empineclimate, reduce your energy costs and act environmentally conscious at the same time.


After clean air, water is our most important asset. In the future, decide on your own water quality and become your own source. Use rainwater and groundwater for your basic supply. Measure your consumption in detail at the different distribution points.


Security is one of our most important basic needs. empinesecurity offers reliable security solutions to protect family, assets and your property from burglary, theft or fire, for example, and to help quickly in case of health emergencies.


You want to highlight a special architectural detail of your building or set your rooms in scene by a perfect ambience? empinelights provides you with an appropriately integrated and comprehensive solution.


Music accompanies us through our whole life - together with our friends and family. With empinemedia you do not only enjoy incomparable sound in every room. Via empinemedia communication systems you can reach family, friends and work colleagues easily, comfortably and in highest quality at any time - as if you were in one place.


Nothing is more time-consuming than everyday life. Even if today's technology can't completely free you from it yet, empineassist supports you in the various situations. Enjoy more free time and freedom - every day.


The first impression of any property starts with the gardens. In addition, they provide an important retreat for relaxation - both at work and in private. empinegarden allows you to ensure that your green space is always healthy and optimally maintained - even when you are not on site.

The empine team would like to answer all your questions

Intelligent building technology is a complex and extensive subject area. We as empine would like to support you so that all your questions are answered understandably and comprehensively. Therefore, in this section, in addition to the previous content, you will find frequently asked questions specific to the topic of this page. If you do not find the answers or if they are not detailed enough, you are welcome to send your question directly to us or even contact us directly.

Not all topics are answered yet? Do not hesitate to ask!

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