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  • Video door intercom and access control system
  • Burglar and fire alarm system
  • Emergency and panic switch
  • Video surveillance system
empine security - Sicherheit erleben

Your Benefits

  • Extended security against burglary and fire
  • Emergency call option
  • Live security video streaming
  • Keyless entry system

empinesecurity supports your individual needs

empinesecurity does not only contribute to your comprehensive security, but also to your comfort and convenience. It is included in 3 of our 6 packages. 

Here's what it encompasses.


empinesecurity is not included in the Starter package.


empinesecurity is not included in the Sustainability package.


empinesecurity is not included in the Health package.


With empinesecurity, your fingerprints or smart gadgets like the Apple Watch become the keys to your doors. Keep an eye outside your main door with video surveillance technology.


With empinesecurity, you get all the features like a burglar alarm system, emergency and panic switch, and fire alarm system in one package. That makes it one of the most comprehensive security solutions around for your assets and property. 


Would you like to avail all the benefits yourself? With Premium, you get an all-around carefree package. empinesecurity supports you with an extended range of functions.

Your benefits with empinesecurity

empinesecurity is the perfect solution to make your building secure. In addition, it integrates with the other empine components of your smart buildings to enhance your comfort even more.

Enhanced security against intrusion and fire

With empinesecurity, you can be sure that your home is protected from fire and burglary with the best security system in town. Continuous video surveillance helps track who comes into contact within a building while RFID technology ensures only those trusted individuals have access.

With our extended fire protection system, get unparalleled peace of mind against hazards like carbon monoxide leaks in case of fire hazards.

Emergency call always at hand

The emergency call system is a lifesaver! No matter where you are or what your situation might be, this handy little device will allow for quick communication with authorities in case of an emergency.

You can even set it up so that family members and security guards know immediately when there's something going on at any specified location.

24/7 monitoring via video surveillance

Worried about your home security or your kids being unattended at home? You can now keep an eye on your home while you're away with the video surveillance system. The integrated cameras and sensors will record everything so that data is always available when needed!

Keyless entry

With traditional security systems, you're always having to worry about losing your key or forgetting your card. What if you're out of town and someone needs to get into your house?

With empinesecurity, fingerprint and RFID readers let you authenticate users with the chip, card, adhesive buttons, or even your phone. And because there's no physical card required, it's more secure than traditional security systems. Plus, our systems work with other empine products so you can automate lights and temperature control in conjunction with your security system.

Remotely control and grant temporary access

You're at work and need to leave for an appointment, but you don't want to have to worry about whether or not the cleaning staff can get in.

empinesecurity has the perfect solution - temporary remote access. You can grant access to anyone, for any amount of time, without having to hand over a key.

The empinesecurity product features

empinesecurity is reliable and easy to use, making it a valuable choice for those who want the best protection possible.

Video Door Intercom

Your video door intercom system from empine is fully integrated into your intelligent building technology. This means that you can see who is standing in front of the door at any time and open the door directly. In addition, you can also conveniently operate your video intercom via your smartphone on the go.

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Access Control System

Gone are the days of having to carry keys. Instead, you can use fingerprint and RFID readers that authenticate and grant access to users with the chip, card, adhesive buttons, or even your phone. and does not require a physical card as well. empinesecurity also lets you grant temporary time-limited privileges for your cleaning staff - all from your phone

The door is opened and your security system is deactivated with just one swipe!

Not only that, but you can also automate lights and temperature control in conjunction with other empine products.

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Intrusion Alarm System

The high-quality and certified burglar alarm system protects windows and doors with the help of motion detectors. It can also be activated or deactivated by manual switches on your bedside table or desk.

By connecting to a security service that alerts the police in an emergency, everything is automatically initiated even in an emergency.

Optionally, you can also include specific objects to monitor, such as pictures, works of art, safes, IT rooms, or light barriers in the garden.

empinesecurity system is more than just an alarm. In the event of a break-in, all empine products will be activated to scare away burglars: lights will be turned on full blast and cannot be switched off; special announcements will start playing continuously throughout your building’s audio system with empinemedia.

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Emergency and panic switches

With special emergency switches, you can easily make an automated emergency call at any time with precise information about the location of the emergency and the panic button. If desired, family members or security guards can also be informed.

Different types of switches are available according to requirements: Large buttons, pull-cord buttons with a cord, especially in sanitary rooms, or emergency call buttons to wear or carry with you.

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Fire and Hazard Alarm System

You can rest easy knowing that, in addition to fire and smoke detectors,  our fire protection switches and carbon monoxide detectors (CO) are here to keep you safe.

In addition, flood and humidity reporting from empinewater will keep you informed about any water-related emergencies.

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Video Surveillance System

With the video surveillance system, you can monitor both outdoor and indoor areas (on demand) via videos with any number of cameras. You are thus able to follow real-time events on your cell phone from home or anywhere else. In addition, data gets continuously recorded so that it will always be available when needed.

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Take additional advantage by combining multiple empine products

Through the overall solution of empine you can expect a fully integrated building system technology, where all components work together to the highest degree. The result is more than the sum of the individual systems.


With empineOS you make your buildings future-proof. All necessary infrastructure measures are implemented at minimal cost. Thus you can install all empine products at any time without larger rebuilding measures subsequently.


For cost efficiency, energy should be generated where you need it. Harness the ever-reliable solar energy to power up your home and electric vehicles in a sustainable way. Reduce your dependence on energy suppliers and become CO₂-neutral with empine.


Start the day with fresh and well-tempered air in the morning - no matter if in summer or winter. Enjoy the advantages of intelligent heating and air conditioning technology all around the clock with empineclimate, reduce your energy costs and act environmentally conscious at the same time.


After clean air, water is our most important asset. In the future, decide on your own water quality and become your own source. Use rainwater and groundwater for your basic supply. Measure your consumption in detail at the different distribution points.


Security is one of our most important basic needs. empinesecurity offers reliable security solutions to protect family, assets and your property from burglary, theft or fire, for example, and to help quickly in case of health emergencies.


You want to highlight a special architectural detail of your building or set your rooms in scene by a perfect ambience? empinelights provides you with an appropriately integrated and comprehensive solution.


Music accompanies us through our whole life - together with our friends and family. With empinemedia you do not only enjoy incomparable sound in every room. Via empinemedia communication systems you can reach family, friends and work colleagues easily, comfortably and in highest quality at any time - as if you were in one place.


Nothing is more time-consuming than everyday life. Even if today's technology can't completely free you from it yet, empineassist supports you in the various situations. Enjoy more free time and freedom - every day.


The first impression of any property starts with the gardens. In addition, they provide an important retreat for relaxation - both at work and in private. empinegarden allows you to ensure that your green space is always healthy and optimally maintained - even when you are not on site.

The empine team would like to answer all your questions

Intelligent building technology is a complex and extensive subject area. We as empine would like to support you so that all your questions are answered understandably and comprehensively. Therefore, in this section, in addition to the previous content, you will find frequently asked questions specific to the topic of this page. If you do not find the answers or if they are not detailed enough, you are welcome to send your question directly to us or even contact us directly.

Not all topics are answered yet? Do not hesitate to ask!

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