Our Products

  • Dimmable ceiling spotlights with adjustable color temperature
  • Control of the shading systems such as roller blinds, awnings, and blinds
  • Scenario-based light control
  • Weather station
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Your Benefits

  • Set up individual lighting scenarios in your building at the push of a button
  • Keep your rooms illuminated at any time of the day or night
  • Increase your security with presence simulation and panic lighting

empinelights supports your individual needs

empinelights is a comprehensive light and shading control system that not only makes your home more comfortable but also opens up functionalities in the areas of health, sustainability and safety. It's a part of 5 out 6 empine packages.

Here's what it offers:


empinelights is not included in the Starter package.


You can optimize your CO2 footprint with empinelights. The automatic shutdowns and constant light reduce power consumption, while optimum shading means you don't need as much cooling.


empinelights is designed to make sure you're getting the best possible lighting for your eyes. Automatic lighting reduction before sleeping promotes healthy sleep for a more refreshing morning.

empinelights put your comfort in the center with automatic lighting when you are present, fancy scenes controlled by cell phone as well as optimal illumination of all rooms.

The presence simulation by empinelights is a great way to enhance your home's security and deter burglars. The blinds and lighting are operated naturally according to your routine.


Would you like to avail all the benefits yourself? With Premium, you get an all-around carefree package. empinelights supports you with the entire range of functions.

Your benefits with empinelights

With an automated lighting system, the possibilities are endless. You can customize your lighting scenario based on individual needs and add even more safety by using presence simulation, all from a mobile phone or time-controlled setting.

Set Up Individual Lighting Scenarios At The Push of a Button

We all know that getting the perfect lighting is important, but it's hard to do with traditional lightbulbs. They're always either too bright or too dim

empinelights makes it easy to manage your lighting no matter where you are. With our app, you can control your lights from your phone or Apple Watch. You can also set them to turn on and off automatically based on the time of day.

Take Advantage of The Illuminated Spaces

Improve your productivity with the ability to set different lighting effects for each room in which you work. You can create an environment that is productive and suits your needs, whether it's late at night or early morning. 

Increase Your Security With Presence Simulation and Panic Lighting

It's hard to feel safe when you're in an unsafe environment. And it's hard to feel secure when your traditional security system is vulnerable. 

empinelights offers a better way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our automatic lighting system turns on when it detects motion or sound, providing a sense of security and presence even when you're away from home. Plus, our panic lighting feature will turn on all the lights in your home if there's an emergency.

Save Energy and Reduce Your Bills

Lighting your home is a basic necessity, but it can also be a huge drain on your energy bill - especially if you're not using the lighting efficiently.

empinelights is the ultimate solution! Our intelligent and automated lighting system makes it easy to save energy and reduce your bills. With dimmable lights, you can easily lower or turn off lights from any device or computer.

You can even schedule lights to turn on or off at certain times or set timers so that they come on and off automatically. And setting them to turn on/off with sunrise/sunset makes sure your lights work with the natural rhythm of the day.

The empinelights product features

Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities with our innovative lighting technology and set up your individual scenarios at the touch of a button or automatically.

Dimmable Ceiling Spotlights, Including Adjustable Color Temperature

With the dimmable ceiling lights, you can have a more elegant and balanced illumination of your room. You adjust their brightness or color temperature depending on your needs at any time day or night!

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Dimmable control for floor, wall and ceiling lamps

The dimmable lights on your floor, walls, and ceiling will bring the perfect level of atmosphere into your building via the dimmable control from empine.

The lighting outlets can disappear unnoticed into the walls and become active when needed.

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Control of shading systems

With empine, you can have fully automatic roller blinds and window coverings that will optimize your home's atmosphere while saving energy. This is accomplished by automatically adjusting light levels according to the time of day or sunset schedule so they never exceed an optimal level.

In addition, blinds will also help avoid overheating indoors even when you are not there, thus also optimizing the interaction with the empineclimate.

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Scenario-based Control

Your building adjusts to you at the press of a button: A pleasant room mood for evening; roller blinds in the desired position based on what time of the day/night it is; optimized lighting while watching TV or illuminating each individual space just enough for cleaning. 

You can also have your building wake you up in the morning at a specific time or have it activate the presence simulation and emergency lighting while you are away.

These scene-based controls integrate seamlessly into the rest of the empine products. It not only works with other components like the music system but also enables you to set up automated lighting when entering the building using your fingerprint.

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Brightness Management incl. Constant Light Control

With constant light control, your home will always be lit up in a way that suits you. With sensors and presence detectors to measure the level of illumination from natural or artificial sources at all times, day or night, the automated lighting control can always guarantee an even light distribution across rooms for perfect visibility no matter what time it may be.

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Weather Station

With a weather station in place, your building is always informed about the current conditions and can activate automatic shading devices to maintain comfort.

The sensors record data such as wind speed or humidity levels which allow you set schedules for opening shutters/blinds depending on what's needed at any given moment- whether it be protection from solar radiation during hot summer days or keeping chilly breezes away while winter approaches.

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Take additional advantage by combining multiple empine products

Through the overall solution of empine you can expect a fully integrated building system technology, where all components work together to the highest degree. The result is more than the sum of the individual systems.


With empineOS you make your buildings future-proof. All necessary infrastructure measures are implemented at minimal cost. Thus you can install all empine products at any time without larger rebuilding measures subsequently.


For cost efficiency, energy should be generated where you need it. Harness the ever-reliable solar energy to power up your home and electric vehicles in a sustainable way. Reduce your dependence on energy suppliers and become CO₂-neutral with empine.


Start the day with fresh and well-tempered air in the morning - no matter if in summer or winter. Enjoy the advantages of intelligent heating and air conditioning technology all around the clock with empineclimate, reduce your energy costs and act environmentally conscious at the same time.


After clean air, water is our most important asset. In the future, decide on your own water quality and become your own source. Use rainwater and groundwater for your basic supply. Measure your consumption in detail at the different distribution points.


Security is one of our most important basic needs. empinesecurity offers reliable security solutions to protect family, assets and your property from burglary, theft or fire, for example, and to help quickly in case of health emergencies.


You want to highlight a special architectural detail of your building or set your rooms in scene by a perfect ambience? empinelights provides you with an appropriately integrated and comprehensive solution.


Music accompanies us through our whole life - together with our friends and family. With empinemedia you do not only enjoy incomparable sound in every room. Via empinemedia communication systems you can reach family, friends and work colleagues easily, comfortably and in highest quality at any time - as if you were in one place.


Nothing is more time-consuming than everyday life. Even if today's technology can't completely free you from it yet, empineassist supports you in the various situations. Enjoy more free time and freedom - every day.


The first impression of any property starts with the gardens. In addition, they provide an important retreat for relaxation - both at work and in private. empinegarden allows you to ensure that your green space is always healthy and optimally maintained - even when you are not on site.

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