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  • Enjoy the highest water quality for daily use
  • Take advantage of free water resources
  • Avoid water damage through quick and early detection

empinewater supports your individual needs

empinewater not only provides you with an opportunity for better health but also enhances your safety and sustainability. It's part of five out of six packages.

Here's what it offers:


empinewater is not included in the Starter package.


With empinewater, your local water resources, rain, and groundwater become usable for you. The detailed and continuous water measurement allows you to optimize your consumption in an environmentally-friendly way.


empinewater provides the highest standards for water treatment. With additional filter systems, organic impurities and herbicides that may be in your drinking supply can be removed to make it healthier than ever before.


With empinewater, the water softening system makes your used water significantly softer and therefore less calcareous. Unpleasant limescale stains and constant descaling in the bathroom and kitchen are a thing of the past.


empinewater protects your property against water damage through automatic 24/7 monitoring. Together with empinesecurity, the message is immediately forwarded to the control system in case of an emergency.


Would you like to avail all the benefits yourself? With Premium, you get an all-around carefree package. empinewater supports you with the entire range of functions.

Your benefits with empinewater

empinewater makes it easier than ever to use free water resources and enjoy the highest water quality!

Enjoy The Best Water Quality

Empowered with high-tech water treatment and filtration system, empinewater provides you with the perfect quality water for your family. Our advanced treatment process softens the water and removes up to 32 identifiable organic contaminants like pesticides and herbicides and microplastics so that we can guarantee safety from harmful pollutants in our tap water.

Use Free Water Resources

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our planet is to become more conscious of our water consumption and move towards using sustainable water resources.

Rainwater tanks and groundwater wells can help you save money by reducing your dependency on local utility suppliers. You'll also be able to use rain for household purposes, such as watering plants.

Reduce Maintenance Costs of Your Pipes and Water-bearing Devices

Lime in the water not only reduces quality but is also responsible for pipes that calcify over time. Without a proper solution, devices can be severely damaged and costly to repair. 

With empine's water softening system, adjust the hardness components such as magnesium and calcium to an optimum level so you can reduce maintenance costs for your pipes.

Avoid Water Damage Through Quick and Early Detection

It’s hard to find the corrosion and frost especially if there's no leakage or other warning sign like leaking valves. Leak detection is the key to preventing water damage. With our efficient leakage detection system and moisture sensors, you can be alerted immediately if there's a leak in your building’s plumbing network - even small ones.

Monitor and Optimize Your Water Consumption

empine's enhanced water measurement systems ensure that you can always keep an eye on your consumption levels and minimize waste. Our system provides easy access to all the real-time reports, metrics related to billings as well as insights about water consumption levels.

Reduce Dependency On Your Local Water Supply

Most people rely on their local water supply for all their needs, but this dependency can come at a cost. Water shortages are becoming more common as the population grows and the demand for water increases.

By using rainwater tanks or groundwater wells, you can significantly reduce your dependency on your local water supply. Rainwater tanks can collect and store large amounts of water during times of heavy rainfall, providing a valuable resource during times of need. In addition, using groundwater from wells can help to supplement your local water supply.

The empinewater product features

empinewater provides a complete and intelligent solution for the water supply in your building. Increase independence and quality while reducing consumption at the same time.

Water Softener

Too much lime in the drinking water not only reduces the quality but is also responsible for calcified pipes and pipes, for example in dishwashers and washing machines. Without a proper solution, the devices can be severely damaged over time. 

With empine's water softening system, you create the ideal basis for softening water and adjusting hardness components such as magnesium and calcium to an optimum level.

  • included
  • basic
  • pro
Rainwater Tank

Water is life. What's better than saving the rainwater with a tank for household purposes?  It means not just protecting the environment, but also saving money.

Rainwater harvesting systems are easy to operate which allows for maximum comfort for use in both garden and household chores.

  • included
  • basic
  • pro
Groundwater Well

The need for water is high during dry periods. A groundwater well can cover the necessary water demand at any time and it's an ideal supplement to your rainwater tank so your plants and garden do not dry out during heatwaves and periods without rainfall.

  • included
  • basic
  • pro
Drinking Water Treatment

Due to the increasing pollution of our environment, clear, pure water is no longer a common utility. Therefore, the water treatment from empinewater serves to produce perfect drinking water and thus also protects your pipes, fittings, and water-carrying devices.

With additional filter systems, especially those made of activated carbon, the drinking water treatment removes up to 32 identified organic contaminants such as THM, pesticides, nitrates, glyphosate, and the most common herbicides. It can also block micro and nano plastic particles.

  • included
  • basic
  • pro
Leakage monitoring and moisture sensors

Invisible water damage is even worse than you might think. Corrosion and frost are often signs that your pipes need maintenance, but it’s hard to find them when they don't show up right away - especially if there's no leakage.

With leakage monitoring, your water network in the building is continuously monitored for leaks with the help of sensors. Broken pipes as well as the smallest leaks are thus detected at an early stage. In addition, moisture sensors can detect and report water ingress.

  • included
  • basic
  • pro
Digital water quantity metering points

The best way to save water is by using it as little as possible. High water consumption can be a big problem for you if it goes unnoticed. By installing an efficient consumption measurement at each dispensing point, you can always keep an eye on your water consumption levels and minimize wastage. 

  • included
  • basic
  • pro
Automated service charge reporting (water)

With a convenient remote meter reading, you can save the utility consumption data by the exact day and time.

By recording your water consumption and billing data digitally every day, you'll have the convenience to access them at any time and keep optimizing your water usage.


  • included
  • basic
  • pro
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Take additional advantage by combining multiple empine products

Through the overall solution of empine you can expect a fully integrated building system technology, where all components work together to the highest degree. The result is more than the sum of the individual systems.


With empineOS you make your buildings future-proof. All necessary infrastructure measures are implemented at minimal cost. Thus you can install all empine products at any time without larger rebuilding measures subsequently.


For cost efficiency, energy should be generated where you need it. Harness the ever-reliable solar energy to power up your home and electric vehicles in a sustainable way. Reduce your dependence on energy suppliers and become CO₂-neutral with empine.


Start the day with fresh and well-tempered air in the morning - no matter if in summer or winter. Enjoy the advantages of intelligent heating and air conditioning technology all around the clock with empineclimate, reduce your energy costs and act environmentally conscious at the same time.


After clean air, water is our most important asset. In the future, decide on your own water quality and become your own source. Use rainwater and groundwater for your basic supply. Measure your consumption in detail at the different distribution points.


Security is one of our most important basic needs. empinesecurity offers reliable security solutions to protect family, assets and your property from burglary, theft or fire, for example, and to help quickly in case of health emergencies.


You want to highlight a special architectural detail of your building or set your rooms in scene by a perfect ambience? empinelights provides you with an appropriately integrated and comprehensive solution.


Music accompanies us through our whole life - together with our friends and family. With empinemedia you do not only enjoy incomparable sound in every room. Via empinemedia communication systems you can reach family, friends and work colleagues easily, comfortably and in highest quality at any time - as if you were in one place.


Nothing is more time-consuming than everyday life. Even if today's technology can't completely free you from it yet, empineassist supports you in the various situations. Enjoy more free time and freedom - every day.


The first impression of any property starts with the gardens. In addition, they provide an important retreat for relaxation - both at work and in private. empinegarden allows you to ensure that your green space is always healthy and optimally maintained - even when you are not on site.

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